SOFTECH SOFT SURFBOARD Tom Carroll Pro Model - 6'0
Tom Carroll Signature Series.


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Softech Surfboards Tom Carroll Pro Model 6'0


Softtech Softboards have revolutionised the R&D process of Soft Surfboards by Giving 2 x World Champion Surfer Tom Carroll free reign to design his own perfect Sorf Surfboard Crafts.

The result is a range that dramatically outperforms any other soft surfboard on the market.

In Tom's own unprompted words "I haven't put this thing down since I've had it.

Having so much fun in the water. I'm seriously taking it out every surf. It Shreds!"

This has become a pretty standard reply from everyone that's touched the Softech Boards.

Be careful because once you jump on these you'll never crave surfing on your hardboard again!

Tom Carroll Signature Thruster Template.
DECK: 8lb PE XLink Deck
CORE: Heat Laminated 100% Waterproof EPS Core with Reinforced Speed Mesh
TAIL: Square with Nose and Tail Bumpers
STRINGER 1 Moulded Stringer with Reinforced stringer system,
FINS Comes with 3 pack of removable, Variable fin System and buckle for attaching leash.
Variable Fin System: Worlds first interchangeable softbopard fin system. Fits various soft and hard fins. Makes your softboard ride like a surfboard. Already fitted in all softech boards saving valuable installation time

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Does this come with the fin kit or do I have to purchase that separately ?

These come with the fins too. Thanks Toby.

Hi My son is 10, weighs 30-35kgs and 145cm. Last year we hired some foamies at torquay and he had a ball. What is the best board for him. He is agile active and daring! Steve

Hey guys. I'd go for this model. Thanks Toby.

I have a 7 years old boy 26 kg that is starting, is 6'o too big?

Hey mate. You can start at any size. the 6'0 would be fine but maybe the 5'4 fish would be better suited for a 7 year old. Here's the link: Thanks Toby.

Hi, I'm looking at your price on the SOFTECH Tom Carroll Pro 6'0". When will you have it back in stock? Thanks Ronan

We just got these in stock today. Thanks Toby.

hi, i'm learning surfing and so i'm a beginner. i'm 1,84 m and 68 ti suitable for me? i'm looking for this board because is cheap...thank you

Hey This board would be too small. Go for the 6'6 option. Here's the link: Thanks Toby.

do you or can you use wax on the deck of a softech surfboard

yes these are supposed to be waxed. Thanks Toby.

what are the width and thickness?

Hey James. Width is: 20.25' Thickness is: 2' Thanks Toby.

Hi how much for postage to Yamba nsw cheers Andrew

Hey Andrew.Free postage for all orders over $100. This will take 2-3 working days. Thanks Toby.

I have a son turning 11 and hes about 40kg but little guy for his age. hes doen quicksilver groms and is quite confident on the board. Normally rides a 7ft softbaord thru surf school but wondering if this 6ft tom carroll one would be suitable. He has ridden another one thru the surf school that wasnt a full softy and loved it, he said it moved better. Kylie

Hey Kylie. Yeah these are very popular with the groms and this is perfect if he's starting to get better and more confident. I think this would be perfect. I'm 6'2 and 85kg's and ride one of these and they go great. I'd highly recommend these. Thanks Toby.

Hi there. I would like you to clarify me with the following questions i have, since i really like this TC PRO MODEL: 1) i'm 178cm and 71kg, what's the best board size for me? 2) can i duckdive with this board or not? Regards, Orlando

Hey Orlando. Yes this board would suit you and you'll be able to duckdive it too. Thanks Toby

Is this good for beginners???

It's good for beginners for kids. it's a bit small for an adult.

I weigh around 45kg and is 170 cm tall. Do you recomend this board for me?

Hey, Yes it would be good for your height/weight. Thanks Toby.

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