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SCIENCE BODYBOARDS Pocket Ltd ISS Polypro Core - 2016/17 Model
Pocket Ltd ISS Polypro Core - 2016/17 Model - This board Includes ISS Base Flex Stringer as standard.

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Product Description

Science Bodyboards Pocket Ltd ISS Polypro Core Bodyboard 2016/17 Model

The Pocket ( Control) : Optimise performance where the energy converges " in the pocket of the wave"
This highly maneaverable yet super controllable shape allows optimal performance in the critical energy zone of the "pocket" of the wave.
Accelerate at will, the pcoket smoothly transitions from rail to rail and effortlessly links moves together.
This is the right board for hitting sections tight to the pocket. Easily launch out of the bowl for your favourite move or anything else you can imagine.
This template is all about being in control of your board & maneuvering in & around the pocket.

CORE: Polypro (PP) Core
Polypro Core is a state of the art engineered bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flexural properties,
including instant recoil, added projection, enhanced longitudinal stiffness & awesome compression strength. 100% waterproof.
STRINGER: Interchangeable Stinger System™ - This board Includes ISS Base Flex Stringer (equivalent to a standard stringer in flex) & ISS Key.
ISS™ Stringers can be instantly changed simply by using the ISS™ Key to unscrew
the current stringer, remove and replace with your desired stringer, Its that easy. A range of different flex ISS™ Stringers is available to give
you the perfect setup no matter the wave, size, conditions or style of riding. Now you can create a quiver of boards by just changing stringers to cover the full spectrum of a riders flex requirements.
SLICK: Surlyn by DuPont
DECK: WaveCushion Air 8lb PE

RAILS: 55/45
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Full Body Contoured Deck, Slick Mesh, MS Channels, Nose Bulbs, Screened Deck/ Slick Print
, Ltd Deck Heat Stamp

Mike Stewart, Arguably the most respected and well known wave rider of all time is the man behind Science Bodyboards.
With over 30 years experience riding the best waves on the planet you can be sure you're getting the best board possible when you ride a Science Board.

Sea Green Deck/ Black Pinline/ Sea Green Rails/ White Slickin 41' (Last Board) ONLY


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Name : Tristan
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Review : Truely sick board love everything about it, perfect for any conditions love it

Questions (1)
Hey Toby, Can we chose any ISS stringer to come with it (in my case I would like a soft flex) ? then would like to purchase a stiff flex too. Or would I have to purchase two extra stringers?

Hi Aran, All ISS boards come standard with a base flex stringer (in the product line, this stringer sits in the middle of the product line). This is the standard stringer that would be found in any non-iss board. Unfortunately you'll need to purchase the two stringers separately. Cheers TP // BBK

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