GT Bodyboards Guilherme Tamega Flash Polypro Core Bodyboard 2019/20 Range

This is what Guilherme says about his GT Models:
I have been a professional bodyboarder for more than 25 years and have travelled the globe experiencing all types of waves from 1 foot to 40 feet.
Throughout my career I have tried different types of boards, shapes and I can easily say that bodyboards is something that I know well.
Now I am putting all that experience into developing and designing the bestboards from high quality materials for people of all ages and skill levels.
GT Boards are for bodyboarders who wish to get the most out of their surfing in any wave conditions.
From the beginner rider to big wave and contest bodyboarding, my boards will take your riding to the next level.

CORE: 1.9pcf Premium PP
PREMIUM POLYPROPOLYNE 1.9LB DENISTY FOAM. 100% Waterproof. The premium option for those who like a strong, light-weight, and fast board or a board that performs exceptionally well in warmer climates.
STRINGER: PRS - Precision Recoil Stringer™ also known as PRS is a tapered carbon fibre stringer. The PRS is wider and stiffer at the tail of the board, and becomes narrower and more flexible as it gets closer to the nose of the board. This stringer works with the core adding spring like recoil in the nose while maintaining stiffness in the tail, the perfect combination for board projection.
DECK: Cellu-Cushion® 8lb PE
RAILS: 55/45 Double Rails
TAIL: Crescent Tai
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: GT Lightning Contour, X Mesh,  Graduated Channels, Nose Grips, Nose and Tail Buffers,

 White/ Navy/ Black Striped Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rail// White Slick (Last Two)

Here's a clip of of GT on his Boards


SKU 9389112_1
Shipping Weight 2.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.570m
Shipping Height 0.070m
Shipping Length 1.050m

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