POD Handboards - 5 Plywood Handboard

To celebrate 30 years of handboard manufacturing and 25 years as a company, POD head honcho Shane Vassallo has designed the new Hand Body Soul® Max 5 plywood hand board range: the most versatile bodysurfing experience possible. The new ultra-light Max 5 uses a 380mm/15 inch cottonwood hand board shape, maximising the boards planing surface area. This is in conjunction with an uprated concave and neutral buoyancy, providing maximum lift, speed and control when in the surf. 

Remarkably, this hand surfer is the exact length and width as the classic solid polypropylene model, yet with a lower weight, creating a natural bond between user and wave face and allowing increased time in the surf with less exhaustion from paddling. What makes the Max 5 unique is it's ability to be rotated 180 degrees and ridden with either end facing forward. When the nose (long end) of the board is facing forward, it offers extra planing surface on long, full waves. Rotate it so the tail (short end) is facing forward and it presents as a manoeuvrable handplane that is perfect for steeper, barreling waves.

Whatever your goal in bodysurfing, the Max 5 can accommodate!

POD Hand Body Soul Max 5 Features
Precise CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control) and hand finished
Laser cut registered trademarks
Hand sprayed and hand assembled
380mm or 15" hand board, "maximises" the board's gliding surface area
Five-ply cottonwood laminate construction is lightweight, flexible, durable and neutral buoyancy
Hand placement over the convex deck surface and strap in the natural swimming position, directly above the board’s pivot point
Extra comfort double-padded neoprene hand strap, includes under palm deck grip and wrist leash
Left-handed users can change the wrist cord to the left side or your preferred bodysurfing choice or wave conditions = Long or Short Handboard Position
Concave bottom ensures rapid elevation "lift force" and increased wave-holding capability


SKU 9325067
Shipping Weight 1.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.120m
Shipping Height 0.450m
Shipping Length 0.250m

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