Surfdust Soft Surfboards Intro 5'6

SURFDUST Intro Series has range of sizes from 5ft to 6ft tri fins softboards that are hand shaped with rounded square/squash tails.

They purposely constructed for the Mums and Dads wanting an affordable soft surfboard, this construction has similar materials used in the performance SURFDUST Primo models with fewer layers making it sensibly priced for the first time surf adventure.

The Intro sofboards are intended for the first time young surfer, wanting to enjoy the fun catching waves with ease and safely on their first beginners surfboard and to further encourage confidences to progress to a premium soft surfboard or a performance surfboard.

Not forgetting those experienced surfers having and or wishing they had a soft surfboard on call, knowing the best waves on the day is between the flags where softboards are permitted.

SURFDUST 6ft = 1.829m Soft Surfboard best suits approximate weights up to 60kg = 132lb.

Wave conditions up to 3ft = 0.9m for beginners and confident/experience surfers approximately clean waves up to 4ft = 1.2m waves.

SURFDUST Soft Surfboards method of construction is the very latest materials and manufacturing expertise Comprehensive details @ SURFDUST Soft Surfboard Technology


Deck: SLF - Soft & Light Foam, Durable Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PE).

Bond: SHS - Superb Heat Seal, a durable exothermic adhesion layer (XPE).

Inner: BBP - Backing Barrier Protection, Extruded Polyethylene (XPE).

Core: HD-EPS Core 100% Waterproof High-Density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Stringer: Quality Moulded Wooden Stringer.

Slick: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Rails: Trimmed contour edges.

Tail: Rounded Square/Squashed.

Fins: 2 Flexible SD2 Medium Side Fins, plus 1 Flexible SD4 Large Centre Fin and 6 x Nylon Set Screws.


SKU 8728917_1
Shipping Weight 7.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.600m
Shipping Height 0.130m
Shipping Length 1.850m

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