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BBK Blog

New NMD & VS Alpha Flex Core.

NMD & VS' New Alpha Flex Concept. NMD & VS have recently released their new Alpha Flex Core which is a new stringerless core. The concept was tested by Ben Player when a bit more flex was needed in colder waters & heavier waves & the result worked well. The core is strengthned by the PFS-T Beams with run parallel from the tail to nose. The best part besides the extra flex & overall feel is that you can comfortably plug your board anywhere in the middle. Read on to be further enlightened. Shop the range of Alpha Flex models here .

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BZ T-10 Re Release.

BZ Bodyboards are one of the original bodyboard brands. Founded by Bobby Szabad, the T-10 is one of the iconic boards with it's bright colours, speed stripes, top chine rails & tie dye slicks. BZ's modern remakes combine the vintage look & shape with modern materials & construction for an amazing ride. Bring back the glory days on one of these. Check out the new BZ T-10 here: Here's Ben Ripping on this original board

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NMD BP Mini Quad Product Test.

NMD Mini Quad Product Test. BBK Boss Toby Player tests out the NMD Ben Player Mini Quad. TP somehow snavelled 90 mins in between dropping kids off & work & tested out his Bro's Mini Quad Concave. Toby's froth was noticable. "That board goes sick!" Toby Spat. "I went up from a 42.5 to 43 & have lost a few kg's & now down to 85 kegs. The two combined have added some extra speed. I found the full quad concave on my last NMD held in a bit too much & found it hard to release the tail in the pocket, I used a BP Wi-Fly but didn't like that as the tail slid while adjusting the rail line mid tube. The PFS-T beams were great on my last BP Quad but is started to disintegrate around the core & I found it a touch stiff for hollow slabs & colder waters. I actually used to bruise my thigh at depot or shippies getting the rail in. The Straight PP // Surlyn Mesh & less aggressive quad concaves felt good right out of the wrapper. Price point spot on too" Check out the board here: TP is known to exaggerate, so we asked for evidence. Check out the session below.

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