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Pride 2023/24 Rides

New PLC "Answer" ≈ Lewy "Guru" ≈ Tristan "Realest" ≈ Liam "Obsessor" & More.

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Science 2023/24 Sleds

New Shred Sled ≈ Pro Flex ≈ Thunder ≈ Pro TS ≈ Launch ≈ Tanner ≈ Style Models.

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Stealth 2024 Range

New Dunnos ≈ Golden Child Remix ≈ Wingass Remix ≈ Speed Dealer 6 & Tour Models.

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BBK Blog

NMD Alpha Fins.

NMD Alpha Fins. NMD's design brief for the new Alpha fins was simple. Create a fin that combines comfort with functionality and performance . Make them sustainably manufactured utilising only natural & upcycled materials. NMD Alpha Fins are made from 100% malaysian Rubber, making their asymmetriical flippers a comfortable, durable & powerful fin which can be used for all aquatic activities. The Assymetrical Shape of the Alpha Fins gives increased propulsion with a slower kick meaning less energy chasing waves & more energy spent riding them. Available now. Click here : Check out the clip of these fins below

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Watch Above Movie

Above is a bodyboarding film aimed at showcasing the current global bodyboarding scene. The film features some of the world's top riders, including three Australian riders: Liam Lucas, featured in a extensive section shot between Sydney and the South Coast & Lewy Finnegan and Marli Dunn absolutely tearing it up in Portugal. Pierre-Louis Costes, Steph Kokorelis, Tristan Roberts, Maxime Castillo, Louka Zaninotto, Miguel Coelho, Antonio Saraiva, Manea Fabisch, and Kirahu complete the cast. A film directed by Sébastien Boulard and Edouard Houssin. Watch Above on Vimeo on Demand Here Here's the teaser for Above:

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Morey Boogie Remakes

Bring the stoke back with Morey Boogie's new range. Morey has re created some of their iconic boards including the timeless Mach 7, Mach 7X, Mach 7-SS, Mach 8-TX & Mach 7-HP with modern materials & technology. These vintage inspired models bring back memory's of the golden era of bodyboarding. Shop the new Morey range here Morey sharing the stoke the Mach 7 has given to generations

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