Bodyboard Size Guide

Author: Toby Player  Date Posted:16 September 2013 

Check your Bodyboard Size with our Size Chart.

Bodyboard sizing is determined on height & weight. A rough guide is for your board to be from your chin to your knee or about an inch below your belly buttom if it's next to you standing on the ground.

Obviously you can't do this when buying online, so we have a detailed size chart to take out the guess work.

If you are unsure, we recommend going a size up.

A good rule of thumb for kids is their age minus 2 then add that number onto 30"

2 years = 30"

4 Year's = 32"

6 Years = 34"

8 Years = 36"

10 Years = 38"

12 Years = 40"

For more info refer to size chart below