PE Core

PE or PolyEthylene Core is the original Bodyboard Core. PE Stands for PolyEthylene, This foam is commonly used as packing material as it is very soft & forgiving.

This is the choice of core for beginner to intermediate boogie boards. PE is an open cell core & is usually 2.4 lbs PCF (Per Cubic Foot) in density, so is the heaviest of the bodyboard core's. PE Core also has the most flex & is the most forgiving.

PE Core usually has a convex finish which makes it hard to catch rails & will easily bend with the wave face, making it a great core to progress your riding.

Polyethylene core also has a rough finish & bonds well to the deck, rails & slick skin & does not tend to bubble or delaminate as easily as EPS Core. Polethylene core performs well in colder waters as it has lots of flex & will always come with at least one stringer, sometimes two stringer's & added slick mesh.

The only issue is the core is spongie & can absorb water over time.