AppleGator Shoes
Put your best foot forward: AppleGator shoes are kick starting a footwear revolution down under with their bright and new fangled canvas creations. Hailing from a small town in Argentina, AppleGators promise to be the next unisex, rainbow colour clad South American footwear craze to hit Australia since our highly coveted Havaianas.           

Matching or mismatching your shoes with each and every outfit choice is now a reality, thanks  to a bright palette by fresh Aussie brand, AppleGator. Celebrating the lives of a broad  community of street wear lovers, skaters, surfers, talent aficionados, grommets and the  easiness of Australian lifestyle, there is an AppleGator suited to all walks of life.   

The mastermind behind the AppleGator genius is Emily Cooper, a twenty something traveller who stumbled across the then named “Alpargata” shoe whilst journeying through Argentina in 2006. “Given the similarities in climate and casual dress culture, I figured AppleGator would be an  ideal choice of casual footwear for Australians,” says Cooper. “They’re a distinctly different  look from trainers or thongs, or anything else on the market and I think that’s what makes  them so appealing. They’re casual, colourful and cool...even my Grandma likes wearing  them!”      

The AppleGator business has fuelled the economy in a small town in Argentina, providing work in a town where employment is scarce. This season’s AppleGators come in a wide array  of colour ways, including new hit denim and corduroy and range classics of white, black, pink,  sky blue, tree snake green. Quality is of the essence, with all shoes made from a robust  canvas that is processed, dyed and treated in a family-owned factory to ensure colour fasting  and longevity.  The shoe’s traditional construction including reinforced toe and heel pieces  guarantee durability and practicality. The Argentine workers take the utmost pride in their craftsmanship, and the AppleGator  epidemic is fast spreading across different countries in the world.   

It’s not a sneaker, not a loafer, not a thong. It’s not his and it’s not fact, it’s for all and sundry, young and old! Get yours now! 


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