Flawless Shippies

Author: Toby Player  Date Posted:19 April 2022 

Tasmania's finest score some of the most pertect Shipstern Bluff waves in years. A quick moving Southern Ocean low was quickly replaced with a small high pressure right over Tassie.

The light NE wind made it pretty glassy & Tassie locals Sam Thomas, Harley & Charlie Ward  ripped in along with mainland blow in's Dane Woods, Shane Ackerman & Toby Player.

Sam Thomas by Sam Venn courtesy Movement Mag

Dane Woods by Sam Venn courtesy Movement Mag

Charles Ward by Sam Venn courtesy Movement Mag


Tasmaniac’s Sam Thomas, Harley Ward & Charles Ward getting some Easter Kegs. See the full clip & Nathan Florence POV on his channel: https://youtu.be/5leKd2GoBNE

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