NMD BP Mini Quad Product Test.

Date Posted:18 May 2023 

NMD Mini Quad Product Test.

BBK Boss Toby Player tests out the NMD Ben Player Mini Quad. 

TP somehow snavelled 90 mins in between dropping kids off & work & tested out his Bro's Mini Quad Concave. 

Toby's froth was noticable.
"That board goes sick!"  Toby Spat. "I went up from a 42.5 to 43 & have lost a few kg's & now down to 85 kegs. The two combined have added some extra speed.

I found the full quad concave on my last NMD held in a bit too much & found it hard to release the tail in the pocket, I used a BP Wi-Fly but didn't like that as the tail slid while adjusting the rail line mid tube.

The PFS-T beams were great on my last BP Quad but is started to disintegrate around the core & I found it a touch stiff for hollow slabs & colder waters.
I actually used to bruise my thigh at depot or shippies getting the rail in.
The Straight PP // Surlyn Mesh & less aggressive quad concaves felt good right out of the wrapper. Price point spot on too"

Check out the board here:

TP is known to exaggerate, so we asked for evidence. Check out the session below.

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30 July 2023

Still ripping at Whaley

By: on 29 June 2023
That’s a lot of epic pits and clips for a 90 min session. Toby toob troll hasn’t lost the edge

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