Liam Lucas joins the team!

Author: Levi Laczko  Date Posted:12 April 2022 

Bodyboard King is proud to announce the latest addition to our pro team, East Coast extraordinaire Liam Lucas! 

Arguably one of the hardest working people in bodyboarding over the last few years, Liam has released an incredible pro model with Science, with an explosive shape and classic colours, emphasising style over all else. More recently, Liam has bagged a second place in the Elite division at the inaugural Box Fest, held annually at Box Beach; alongside chasing waves around his locals in the Eastern Suburbs and at a few notorious rock ledges on the South Coast. 

We're expecting big things this year from Liam, with a potential restock on his Science board model, alongside a highly anticipated clip from his recent endeavours - last heard saying "Mate the clips we have, you have no idea" - and if his past performance is anything to go by, we certainly have an idea. 

Stay tuned.

Liam ripping in his most recent clip

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