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Author: Toby Player  Date Posted:5 August 2022 

When we created our new website, one of our main goals was to provide customer's with an easy way to find the right board or fins or wetsuit in just a few clicks.

We did all the hard work so you don't have to.

One hack that we use is to filter entire categories. For this example we'll use "Bodyboards"

Say you wanted a Black Deck board in 43.5 in Polypro Core. This is a hard to find board & could take a while to find by going through all brands & models.

The way to do this is to hover over the Bodyboards category & click on "Search By Brand". This will bring up all 341 bodyboards.

We can then click "Filter by Bodyboard Size" & select sizeL 43.5 this gives us 23 opton's.

We can then further refine to "Filter by Bodyboard Core// Slick" For this example we'll choose Polypro Core// Surlyn Slick which gives us 11 options

We can then use "Filter by Bodyboard colour" & select Black Deck which gives 9 options.

Say we wanted a Bat Tail we can then "Filter by Bodyboard Tails" & select Bat Tail & there is one option:

Easy as that!  The same process can be used to filter any category.

PS If you want to select more than one filter option per filter category, just go back & select another option.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Toby

Video on how to do this.

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