Quad Concave

The Quad Concave is the pinnacle of high-performance bodyboarding.

Designed with Shape3D CAD software and precision cut using state of the art AkuShaper CNC
technology. The AKU gives us the ability to design progressive channel and concave set-ups with incredible accuracy and consistency previously not possible by hand shaping.

As described Quad concave's consist of 4 concaves each running up toward the middle of the board. These can be broken into two parts.

1) Central Double Concave tracks laminar (water) flow through the centre of the board which keeps you higher up the wave face and enabling you to generate more board speed.

2) Outer Venturi channels draw laminar (water) flow from a wider entry point into a narrow exit through the tail based on bernoulli's principle, the laminar flow increases speed as it progresses through the channel, giving you substantially more speed, torque and drive. By combining technology with science, NMD & VS bring you the world's fastest bodyboard.