WAW Handplanes Arrow Fish Bodysurfing Handboard

WAW Handplanes is a surf brand that is committed to giving back. It was founded by Rikki Gilbey and based in Sydney, Australia.
The handplanes are made out of sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials so that you can enjoy getting barrelled without leaving a trace.
We use recycled construction timber and sustainable plantation White Cedar, which is 100% Australian grown, as well as recycled wetsuits for our adjustable hand straps. The sustainable timber harvesting method and recycled materials means these range of handplanes are much kinder to the environment than conventional plastic/foam implements.

To date we have recycled more than 200kg of wetsuits previously destined for landfill and planted over 2000 native trees with our One Handplane One Tree program through the Carbon Neutral Charity Fund. Thats essentially a whole forest!

Timber is not only an environmental choice, we believe it also creates the best performing handplanes. Neutrally buoyant and long lasting, we pride ourselves on a product for life.

The Arrow Fish is a small fast handplane designed for medium to large and hollow wave days.

WAW Handplanes Fish Features
-Deep concave for maximum lift and stability
-Sharp rails for holding power and manouverablity 
-Rockered entry for maximum lift and splash reduction
-Fully adjustable recycled neoprene and webbing strap system

The best handplane shape for the barrel seeker.

Individually handmade from Australian White Cedar. The choice of timber results in a handplane that is extremely light making for an entirely natural swimming stroke and simply feels like and extension of your hand. 

Perfect for:
-Bigger, steeper waves
-More experienced bodysurfers
-Also doubles as a great size for kids

Dimensions: 300mm x 190mm x 20mm

Weight: Approx 400 grams

A Clip of the WAW Handplane in action:


SKU 9279482
Brand WAW Handplanes
Shipping Weight 1.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.120m
Shipping Height 0.450m
Shipping Length 0.250m

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